Stopped-flow/quench flow.

The most efficient micro-volume, stopped-flow and quench flow solutions available on the market

The premium stopped-flow family (SFM) lies at the heart of BioLogic’s rapid kinetics instrumentation range. Based on independent stepping-motor technology, the SFM product line has been designed to achieve the shortest possible dead time, and the highest precision, in order to minimize sample consumption and accommodate the largest range of detectors.

The SFM-2000/3000/4000 stopped-flow series is available for single, double or triple mixing applications. Recognized for its versatility, the SFM is not only a stopped-flow and can convert in minutes to a freeze quench, to a cryo-stopped flow, or to a chemical quench-flow system.

For applications where sample cost is a priority, BioLogic has developed stopped-flow and quench-flow solutions that just require 10µl of solution per experiment. With a µSFM or QFM-4000, a complete series of experiments can be performed with just 100 µl in a vial saving precious time and samples without compromising sensitivity.



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