Stopped-flow/quench flow

Single and double mixing Quench-Flow.

Your stopped-flow becomes a quench flow !

Accessory enabling SFM system stopped flows to be converted into high-performance quench-flow systems

SFM-3000 and SFM-4000 systems can be converted quickly to top performance quench-flow systems by exchanging the stopped-flow observation head for the quench-flow accessory.

Aging times are varied by selecting delay lines.

Mixing is made in continuous flow mode, interrupted flow mode, or in Bio-Logic’s unique pulse mode (single mixing applications only).

Bio-Logic’s stepping motor technology controls flow rate precisely from

The independent stepping motors remove all limitations of a single drive mechanism, and mixing ratios can be changed freely just as in stopped-flow observation mode while only consuming 50 μl of reagent.


Triple mixing applications

The SFM-4000/Q is the only system with 4 independent syringes and 3 mixers. It is a unique system for triple mixing applications, such as De/H exchange experiments or radioactive labeling. The user controls two ageing times from the software and series of “MIX – AGE – MIX – AGE – MIX” experiments can be done rapidly.

A long list of papers using our instruments in this application field is available on Bio-Logic website.




Minimum ageing time 2 ms
Ageing method set of delay lines
Temperature range 0 °C to +85 °C
Sample consumption (depending on mixing ratio and delay line used) 50 μl


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