Ancilliary products that take your projects further

Made up of high-end and fully integrated solutions such as Rotating Ring-Disk Electrode and temperature control chambers, our range of ancillary products is designed to extend the possibilities of your BioLogic instruments without compromise.


Access valuable kinetics information: Electrode rotators, RDE/RRDE with BluRev


BluRev’s powerful, high-precision rotating (ring) disk electrodes and controllers are versatile scientific instruments, vital to any experiment demanding a detailed understanding of electrochemical reactions in steady-state conditions, giving access to valuable kinetic information.


These modular research instruments demonstrate excellent levels of accuracy, particularly at high rotation rates, and are the only devices on the market to display both target and actual rates of rotation – data that can greatly assist users during experiments by enabling them to monitor rotation rates in real-time.


Driven by EC-Lab software, an industry standard for potentiostat control software, BluRev instruments can be used independently or as part of an integrated setup, where the end-user controls each element of his experiment remotely with total ease.


Temperature control chamber: ITS


The ITS is a temperature control chamber with a small laboratory footprint, enabling temperature control from -35 °C through to +150 °C. The device has been designed to accommodate BioLogic sample holders such as leak-tight sample holders (CESH).


The two PT-1000 temperature probes provided with the ITS, ensure accurate measurements and temperature control. An optional PT-1000 probe enables direct measurement of the actual sample temperature. The ITS climatic chamber is highly suitable for determining the characterization of materials’ properties by impedance measurements, under controlled temperatures and can also be adapted for use in controlled atmospheres.



Both MT-Lab® and EC-Lab® software can be used to control the ITS, but also provide protocols and data graphing for impedance measurement and data processing. The impedance data can be fitted using the powerful Z Fit tool available in both software packages.