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BluRev Rotating Disk and Ring-Disk Electrode (RDE/RRDE).

Steady as you go with BluRev

BluRev is a range of robust, versatile, rotating disk (RDE) and rotating ring-disk (RRDE) electrodes ideal for use with BioLogic potentiostats. A range of quick-fit exchangeable electrode tips (multiple materials/diameters) can be easily added.

BluRev Overview (RDE/RRDE instruments)

BluRev’s powerful, high-precision rotating  (ring) disk electrodes and controllers are versatile scientific instruments, vital to any experiment demanding a detailed understanding of electrochemical reactions in steady-state conditions.


These modular research instruments demonstrate excellent levels of accuracy, particularly at high rotation rates, and are the only devices on the market to display both target and actual rates of rotation – data that can greatly assist users during experiments by enabling them to monitor rotation rates in real-time.


Driven by EC-Lab software, an industry standard for potentiostat control software, BluRev instruments can be used independently or as part of an integrated setup, where the end-user controls each element of his experiment remotely with total ease.


The RC-10k unit which controls BluRev instruments offers an accuracy of ±1 rpm over the whole rotational range for precise and fully reproducible experimental conditions.

The measured rotation speed is clearly displayed on a five-digit LCD screen. The speed can be set manually or by using the analog output of a BioLogic instrument for example. Any other device with an analog output can be used. Using EC‑Lab®, you can easily program and perform a Levich experiment all in one go, and also use the new EIS element Winf that will directly give you the diffusion coefficient.


Rotating Ring Disk Electrode Version (RRDE)

The addition of a concentric ring to the rotating disk electrode, allows the user to collect species that are produced on the disk. Homogeneous bulk reactions of intermediate species produced at the disk can be studied by comparing experimental data to theoretical terms.

Major applications for RRDE instruments include: fuel cells, hydrogen production, depollution, electrochemical sensing



BluRev RDE/RRDE are compatible with a wide range of cells – in particular the EL-ELECTRO-80, EL-ELECTRO-80DJ or EL-ELECTRO-150DJ kits.

Please note: if you already possess one of these cells, you will need a special compatible cap: 094-A-CAP.


A wide range of RDE and RRDE tips is available on the following page: BluRev tips

Look at the Blurev Enclosure to complete your experiment set-up. The BluRev Enclosure has been designed to perfectly fit the BluRev RDE/RRDE, and hold cells and cables for a perfect user-experience.


For more information, please click the “Request a quote” button and specify whether you are interested in RDE or RRDE instruments.

It is possible to connect the RDE/RRDE to a BioLogic potentiostat/galvanostat, to control the rotation speed through EC-Lab.

Specifications and ordering information

BluRev RRDE/RDECatalog n° 094-RC/RDE094-RC/RRDE
RC-10k Rotation controller094-RC11
Rotating ring-disk electrode (motor, shaft, electrode body with 2 pairs of Ag/C brushes)094-RRDE-1
Rotating disk electrode (motor, shaft, electrode body with 1 pairs of Ag/C brushes) 094-RDE1-
DB9 to BNC connector for external control of RC-10k092-22/111
1 m BNC/BNC cableCOR2810011
Replacement Ag/C brush094-RDE-BRUSH24
1 transport case-11
Main Specifications
Rotational range/rpm 100 to 10 000 (RRDE: 9000)
Accuracy/rpm±1 over the whole rotational range
Runout/mm <0.1
Minimum control step increment/rpm 10
Measurement resolution/rpm1
Aux I/O for external control/measurementYes
Operating temperature/°C 10 to 40
Tube gas inlet diameter (internal)/mm3.2
OptionsCatalog n°
PTFE 5 holes cap compatible with BluRev RDE (needed if you
already have an EL-ELECTRO cell)
Bipot cable for Essential range092-22/12
Protective housing and stand kit for the BluRev 094-ENCL

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