Battery Testing Accessories.

Battery testing made easy

Here you will find all the connection accessories needed to test your assembled and packaged single batteries. These products cover every type of battery: coin cells, cylindrical, prismatic and pouch cell elements. Note these holders are dedicated to single element testing and not battery packs.

Accessory range

Prismatic & Pouch Cell Holders

Two types of holders are offered in this section: multi-channel holders for small pouch cells and single-channel holders for large pouch cells or high power prismatic cells. A tablet allows the same single-channel holder to be used with prismatic as well as with flat pouch cells.

Accessory range

Redox Flow Battery

Various Redox Flow Batteries cells are available for general electrochemical studies such as DC and EIS characterisations. Special efforts were put to make the cells easy-to-use and able to yield reproductible results.