Cylindrical Battery Holders

CBH-4 / CBH-8

Dedicated to high-power cylindrical battery cells

CBH-4 and CBH-8 are 4 and 8-position battery holders, respectively, dedicated to large and high power cylindrical battery cells.

With a maximum current of 32 A and 4-point measurement, CBH-4 and CBH-8 are dedicated to accurate AC and DC measurements on large battery cells, for example D sized cells. These battery holders are available with 4 or 8 positions. The connection from the instrument to the battery holder is made by 4 mm receptacles both for voltage sense and power. More details are given in the specifications.

Specifications and ordering informations


Cell type Cylindrical
Cell max diameter/mm 60
Cell min heigh/mm 30
Cell max height/mm 100
Number of channels 4 8
Max current/A 32
Measurement type 4 point
Connectors size/mm 4
To be used with All instruments
Max operating T°/°C 80
Size : H x W x D/mm 335 x 260 x 150 335 x 520 x 150
Weight/kg 1.9 3.8
Catalog No 092-C32/4 092-C32/8
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