Why choose the MTZ-35?


A fully Integrated solution 

The MTZ-35 is a high-frequency impedance analyzer which is the key element of several fully integrated solutions for the electrical characterization of materials. These solutions comprise a MTZ-35 impedance analyzer, a Temperature Control Unit, a sample holder and MT-Lab software.
The MTZ-35 is also offered as a standalone instrument for use with other systems/accessories.


Key benefits

Highly versatile: The MTZ-35 can be configured with many temperature control units (TCU) and sample holders. A truly versatile instrument, it can be used for a wide range of applications. The MTZ-35 can be combined with the HTF-1100 furnace, ITS and Temperature Control System using Eurotherm 22xx and 35xx series controllers allowing temperature control ranging from -40 °C to 1100 °C.

A wide range of sample holders can be coupled with the instrument for the characterization of bulk materials, thin films, pastes, gels, and liquids. These measurements can be performed at a controlled environment, temperature and pressure.

MTZ-35 or a potentiostat? Which one is right for me?

Identifying the right impedance analyzer for your needs largely depends on the frequency range you work on…

  • For high-frequency ranges, the MTZ-35, which allows impedance measurement up to 35 MHz, is the most suitable instrument for researchers needs.
  • Compatibility: The MTZ-35 is fully compatible with the HTF-1100 furnace, ITS and other Temperature control systems using Eurotherm 22xx and 35xx series controllers.
  • A potentiostat is recommended for applications that do not require high frequencies such as conductivity measurements on liquids, gels and some solid materials. It also allows DC electrical characterization on materials (up to 48 V). Nearly all of our potentiostats are modular so high impedance modules are available for high impedance materials.


Which TCU to choose?

  • The HTF-1100 is a high-temperature furnace operating between room temperature and 1100 °C with a variable temperature ramp. The furnace accommodates high-temperature sample holders (HTSH-1100). The furnace is used for the electrical characterization of materials at high temperature. Principal applications include ceramics/composites and solid electrolytes for HT sensors, HT fuel cells and electrolyzers.
  • The ITS is a temperature control unit operating between -40 and 150°C. It It accommodates CESH sampler holders for the characterization of materials in a temperature range between -35°C and 150°C. The system is dedicated to the characterization of solid electrolytes for battery, fuel cell and sensors.