A wide range of support material to help you get the best out of your equipment

BioLogic has prepared a wide variety of supporting documentation to help you better understand your instrument as well as application-oriented communications relevant to your project. In this section, you will find application notes, technical notes, white papers and other documents. Additionally, you will find multimedia communications such as online tutorials and self-help videos in this section. We regularly add new support documents to this website so don't forget to check back regularly. You may also want to subscribe to our newsletter to receive all the latest articles and videos published by BioLogic.

Application notes.

In this section, you will find our application notes. These scientific documents give details of experiments, scientific protocols and other application-oriented information which will help you with your measurements.


You can download all our latest brochures in this of the website.


Download catalogs for all our product ranges here: Electrochemistry, materials science, Lifesciences.


This section gives examples of citations in academic journals/papers where BioLogic instruments have been referenced.

Support Videos.

Videos to help you get the best out of your instrumentation solution

Technical notes.

Technical notes are communications relating to the set-up, and ongoing use and maintenance of BioLogic instruments. They have been written to help users correctly install equipment and ensure that they follow the correct procedures in order to deliver the most accurate measurement possible.


This section contains self-help tutorials, including videos and written documentation to help you learn how to correctly configure your BioLogic instrument across a wide variety of general and specialized applications.

User manuals.

The user manuals for our products can be found here.

White papers.

Please browse this section to view the various White Papers that BioLogic has written for various fields of application including: Materials Science, Electrochemistry and Lifesciences.

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