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Why work with us

Every day, BioLogic personnel work together in tight-knit teams, to guarantee the quality and reliability of our products, and develop technological solutions which help our clients achieve their goals and which help BioLogic to stand out in the marketplace.

Human qualities and life skills lie at the heart of our values and we constantly strive to create a culture where initiative, respect, and teamwork are both encouraged and rewarded.

A wealth of talent

It takes many talented individuals from a wide variety of academic and industrial backgrounds to design and build our high-performance measurement instruments. This includes post-graduate engineers (including PhDs) across the following interdisciplinary functions: Sales engineers, Sales admin, Product Managers, Lab Manager, Project Managers, Technical Coordinators, R&D Development Engineers (electronics, software, hardware, design & mechanics, etc). The build quality of our products is assured by the talent and professionalism of the technicians, who build our instruments, in our own factory in the French Alps.

And our expertise in key support functions such as marketing, finance and IT helps ensure the smooth running of our organization.

Our philosophy.

From the onset, BioLogic has succeeded by working closely with its customers, listening to feedback and using this information to develop high-quality, market-led products. It’s a long term approach. We invest significant time in developing long-term relationships with our customers so we truly understand their work and can help develop solutions that make a difference. We are accountable. We work hard to ensure that our customers can trust us. We develop and manufacture products that will withstand the test of time and the rigors of the laboratory and the factory.

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