Scanning Accessory.

High-resolution, compact or modular scanning workstations for local activity measurement

BioLogic has over 25 years of experience producing scanning probe electrochemistry instruments. Initially this included a number of single technique instruments, with the first modular scanning electrochemical workstation, the M370, introduced in 2006, under the Uniscan name. Scanning probe electrochemistry has found use in academic and commercial research settings. It is applicable in any field in which bulk electrochemical measurements have been used. Scanning probe electrochemistry has found widespread use in: corrosion and coatings, Biology (including biosensors and biotechnology), batteries, fuel cells and photovoltaics, materials, catalysis.

Accessory range


A key component of any Scanning Probe Electrochemical technique is the probe. The probe controls the final quality of the scanning probe measurement. In some cases the probe controls the final resolution of the measurement. Bio-Logic offers a full range of probes for use with their scanning probe electrochemistry instruments.

Accessory range


The cell used in a scanning probe electrochemistry experiment is dependent on the technique of interest, and the sample to be measured. BioLogic offers a range of cell types. From the largest volume TriCell designed with corrosion samples in mind, to the smallest volume Foil Cell designed for flat foil electrodes the cells offered from BioLogic have been designed to offer experiment flexibility.