LEIS Probes

bi-electrode probe designed specifically for LEIS

Scanning probes for use with the M370 and M470

Localized Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (LEIS) utilizes a potentiometric bi-electrode. The bi-electrode probe is made of a platinized Pt tip which is a fixed distance from a platinized Pt ring electrode. Using this bi-electrode configuration the ac potential difference in solution can be measured, resulting in the local impedance of the sample of interest. The fine tip of the bi-electrode ensures the optimum lateral resolution.

BioLogic offers a single LEIS bi-electrode for use with both the M370 and M470. Part number: U-LEIS370/1




Electrode Type Ring and Tip Bi-Electrode
Nominal Probe Length (mm) 80
Connector Electro-Speed Connector
Electrode Material Platinized Pt
Electrode Spacing 3 mm
Order Size 1 Probe


Ordering information


Product Part Number
LEIS Probe U-LEIS370/1

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