A comprehensive product portfolio to suit every academic and industrial need

BioLogic instruments help shape the future of research projects and industrial innovations around the world. We remain in constant contact with academic and industrial users, to help us understand their work and develop solutions that truly make a difference. Our comprehensive product-portfolio includes cutting-edge solutions in such diverse applications as electrochemistry, battery & material testing, rapid kinetics, and photosynthesis.



BioLogic provides a variety of robust and user-friendly, potentiostats for many diverse applications, from single channel potentiostat to bipotentiostat to multichannel form factors.
Our innovative potentiostat control and analysis software enables users to perform all the standard electrochemical techniques as well as a host of specialized procedures and analyses.

And supporting these high-precision potentiostats is an extensive line of product accessories ranging from sophisticated quartz crystal microbalances to electrodes to cells to battery & sample holders.


Battery cyclers.

BioLogic’s battery cycler line-up is made up of two complementary ranges of instruments, the high throughput BCS-800 Series battery cyclers and the R&D grade MPG-200 Series battery testers.

The result is a powerful, modular system suitable for any organization specializing in battery testing and research, from industry to academia, quality control to certification.


Impedance analyzers.

The MTZ-35 is a high-frequency impedance analyzer which is the key element of several fully integrated solutions for the electrical characterization of materials . These solutions comprise a MTZ-35 impedance analyzer, a Temperature Control Unit, a sample holder and MT-Lab software.
The MTZ-35 is also offered as a standalone instrument for use with other systems/accessories.


Scanning probe workstations.

BioLogic has over 25 years of experience producing scanning probe electrochemistry instruments. Initially this included a number of single technique instruments, with the first modular scanning electrochemical workstation, the M370, introduced in 2006, under the Uniscan name.
Scanning probe electrochemistry has found use in academic and commercial research settings. It is applicable in any field in which bulk electrochemical measurements have been used. Scanning probe electrochemistry has found widespread use in: Corrosion and coatings, Biology, including biosensors and biotechnology, Batteries, fuel cells and photovoltaics, Materials, Catalysis



As a leader in this field, BioLogic has over 30 years of experience of developing equipment designed to give researchers a cutting-edge. Originally dedicated to rapid kinetics measurements, BioLogic now also develops, integrates and manufactures a wide range of instrumentation for steady-state spectroscopy including spectropolarimeters.


Rapid solution changer.

BioLogic’s Rapid Solution Changer (RCS-200) is a multi-channel perfusion system designed to work with patch-clamp and other biological equipment in a wide variety of electrophysiological domains including neurosciences, biotech and pharmacology. The instrument is used for changing the concentration of solutions (ions, neurotransmitters, ligands etc) or the solutions themselves.