Circular dichroism spectrometer MOS500

CD spectropolarimeter specifically optimized for both steady state and rapid kinetics applications. The CD spectrometer guarantees excellent performance: sensitivity, precision, speed and modularity from far-UV to NIR region.

Circular Dichroism

Circular Dichroism (CD) is by far the most commonly employed chiroptical technique for the characterization of biomolecules and the analysis of chiral substances. For example, the far-UV Circular Dichroism spectrum of proteins can reveal important characteristics relating to their secondary structure such as the percentage of alpha helix, beta-sheet or beta-turns conformation, when near-UV, will provide information about the direct surrounding environment of the chiral chromophores.

Visible and NIR-CD spectroscopy is a useful technique to study metal-protein interactions and to resolve individual d–d electronic transitions, but has also proved to be a highly performant tool for enantiomeric excess determination in asymmetric synthesis.

A modern spectropolarimeter

The MOS-500 is a spectropolarimeter optimized for steady state and rapid kinetics applications. The circular dichroism spectrometer delivers outstanding performance in sensitivity, precision, speed and modularity from far-UV to NIR region. Optics and technology have been chosen to ensure that no wavelength range is discriminated. The MOS-500 uses an innovative patented three stage wavelength selection system to bypass the limitation of prism-based monochromators. The Biokine software platform also ensures a great user-experience and provides high-performance tools for the analysis of chemical and thermal denaturation of proteins.



Low operation cost and modularity

Operating cost is reduced as well, since the MOS-500 requires the purging of optics only when working below 195 nm. A standard dual lamp box adds to the convenience of the system, and an optional tungsten lamp enhances IR performance. Its modular design makes the MOS-500 much more than a CD spectrophotometer: it features standard absorbance, excitation fluorescence, linear dichroism and fluorescence anisotropy capabilities.

A wide range of accessories, from stopped-flow to DR-CD is also available, enabling you to adapt the system to your individual research requirements. This combination of cutting-edge technology and powerful specifications makes the MOS-500 CD spectrometer a truly state of the art chiroptical spectrometer.


Wide range of CD accessories

Thanks to its modular design the MOS-500 is much more than a simple circular dichroism spectrometer. In its standard option it offers a large range of detection techniques (absorbance, fluorescence, fluorescence anisotropy, linear dichroism, FD-CD) but it can also accommodate a large range of accessories to extend its standard specifications and to accept different types of liquid or solid samples (cuvettes, film, capillaries etc. ). Single and multiple cell Peltier controller (are also available for temperature stability studies. All of these accessories are user changeable enabling you to adapt the MOS-500 to your lab’s needs. This versatility is made possible thanks to a customer-centric design strategy and to the high quality of optics and technological choices made for the design of the MOS-500.


The MOS-500 and all accessories are fully controlled from BioLogic’s Biokine software. Acquisition parameters are selected from a single window in order to faciliate experiment design. Data files can be saved in different formats for internal analysis, or easily exported to secondary structure analysis software for example.


  • 163-950 nm, and 0 nm (white light) (up to 1.250 nm optional)
  • Dual light source (Xe and XeHg)
  • +/-0.1 nm wavelength accuracy over the full wavelength range
  • Peltier temperature control optional
  • Unsurpassed baseline stability
  • Fast and sensitive

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