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As one of the world’s first designers and manufacturers of high performance electrochemical measurement instruments, Bio-Logic has forged its place in the international market. Our comprehensive product portfolio covers cutting-edge scientific products in such diverse applications as electrochemistry, battery testing, fuel cell/material testing. And supporting these high-precision measurement tools is an extensive line of product accessories ranging from sophisticated quartz crystal microbalances to electrodes. So whatever your research field, we can provide you with high-quality, hard-wearing equipment. Bio-Logic: a one-stop-shop to suit your every need.

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Electrochemical Cell.

BioLogic supplies a wide range of cells including small and large-volume analytical cells, perfect for use with general electrochemistry applications, together with a range of more specialized cells such as the FlexCell which are well-suited to corrosion experiments in aggressive media amongst other applications.  Two corrosion cell packages are available (basic and advanced corrosion cell kits) as well as an Avesta Cell kit for pitting corrosion testing as well as ranges of flat cells, galvanic cells, plate material evaluating cells, and coating cells.

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Connection Accessory.

In order to configure your electrochemical setup, specific connection accessories are needed. They consist of cables, connectors and adaptors used for making routine connections between the electrochemical cells and your potentiostat/galvanostat. In this section you will also find test boxes, alligator clips, receptacles, Faraday cages and transport suitcases ie miscellaneous.

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Battery Testing Accessory.

Here you will find all the connection accessories needed to test your assembled and packaged single batteries. These products cover every type of battery: coin cells, cylindrical, prismatic, pouch cell elements and redox flow battery cells. Note these holders are dedicated to single element testing and not battery packs.

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In this section, you will find all the consumables necessary to perform your electrochemical measurements: electrodes (reference, working and counter), cells (small and large, for analytical electrochemistry or corrosion…), glassware and finally, electronic components such as connectors, specific cables or Faraday cages.

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Material Testing Accessory.

Includes the CESH-e an innovative, multi-use sample holder for electrical & electrochemical characterization with high reproducibility, and the HTSH-1100  specifically designed for the electrical characterization of solid materials in the temperature range between room temperature and 1100 °C.

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Scanning Accessory.

BioLogic has over 25 years of experience producing scanning probe electrochemistry instruments. Initially this included a number of single technique instruments, with the first modular scanning electrochemical workstation, the M370, introduced in 2006, under the Uniscan name. Scanning probe electrochemistry has found use in academic and commercial research settings. It is applicable in any field in which bulk electrochemical measurements have been used. Scanning probe electrochemistry has found widespread use in: corrosion and coatings, Biology (including biosensors and biotechnology), batteries, fuel cells and photovoltaics, materials, catalysis.