Connection Accessory

External device connection

Synchronize, control, measure external devices

Sometimes the electrochemical experiment is not enough to completely describe your system, and additional information is needed. In such case, a coupling with the electrochemical experiment is necessary. These few accessories will facilitate this coupling.

Three different accessories are offered to facilitate the connection to an external device (spectrometer, QCM, RDE, RRDE, thermostat…).


First a temperature probe that can be plugged directly into the auxiliary DB-9 connector of your instrument. The software is already configured to give the exact temperature.


Second, all the auxiliary inputs/outputs of the instrument can be made more accessible with the DB9- to 8 BNC connector.


Finally, if you need to perform your electrochemical experiment with a floating potentiostat (in case of a studying a grounded cell…) but also need a signal from a device that is grounded, then you need the isolation module IS1. More information are given in the related documentation.

Specifications and ordering information

Catalog No.
PT100 temperature probe
To be connected to the auxiliary I/O,
temperature range: -50 °C to 250 °C,
Dimensions: 3 x 20 mm,
Length of cable: 2.5 m,
Accuracy: ±1 °C
For T° measurement in air
PT100 temperature probe for T°
measurement in solution with SubD9
PT100 temperature probe for T°
measurement in solution with triad
"DB9 - 8 BNC" connector for auxiliary I/O092-22/1
Isolation System IS1 for SP-300 based instruments094-081/5

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