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Protective suitcase

Protect your valuable instrument

High-quality protective case designed to fit the following potentiostat/galvanostats: SP-200, SP-240, SP-300

These transport cases are ideal if you need to take your instrument around a lotfor example to perform on-site measurements, or measurements in different labs. These cases allow your instrument to be shipped by any means with the assurance that it will not be damaged. One case fits the SP-200 and the other both the SP-240 and the SP-300.

Specifications and ordering information


Catalog No.
Suitcase care for SP-200

High density foam

Internal dimensions (H x W x D)/mm: 517 x 277 x (167 + 50)

Waterproof and unbreakable case (IP 67)

Model equipped with 2 wheels and an extension handle

Suitcase care for SP-240/SP-300

Internal dimensions (H x W x D)/mm: 580 X 440 X 330

Unbreakable and waterproof case (IP67)


Pressure balancing valve

Resistance to aggression from “fuel” type and “solvent” type fluids

Temperature resistance: -30° + 80°

Model equipped with handles at the ends, extension handle and corner wheels

Color: black

Pre-cut PU foam with chips

Honeycombed PU foam in cover


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