Connection Accessory

Multi-electrode investigation cables

Easy connection for multi-electrode experiments

For the VMP3 products family, we offer several options to facilitate the connection cables when multi-electrode experiments are performed as, for example, RRDE experiments or corrosion experiments on several samples using the same reference and the same counter electrode.

For multichannel instruments of the VMP3 family, several options are offered when a multi-electrode experiments are needed. A Bipot (for bipotentiostat) cable is available when RRDE experiments need to be performed. When the same experiments need to be performed on eight simultaneous channels using the same reference and same counter electrodes, Nstat boxes are provided both for standard channels and for low-current channel boards. Additionally, in some cases an external power supply box is needed with the Nstat box.

Specifications and ordering information

ChannelNb of channelsLengthCatalog No.
Bipot cable
(for VSP, VMP3)
standard21.5 m092-22/12
Nstat box
(for VSP, VMP3)
External power supply needed for the following cases:
1) Connection to VSP
2) Connection of more than one Nstat box to a VMP3
standard41.5 m092-16
81.5 m092-22/3
External power supply for the Nstat box092-16/1

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