The only CD Microplate Reader on the market.

Circular Dichroism well plate reader for High Throughput Screening

A world first, the EKKO represents a major breakthrough in automated screening for chiral pharmaceuticals. A compact, robust device, the EKKO is significantly more efficient than standard CD (circular dichroism) spectrometer and fits on any standard lab bench without the need for ancillary accessories. The products high scanning speed (96 reactive products in under two minutes) enables it to identify hits faster, with less resources (human/energy), than standard CD readers, making it a vital R&D tool for pharmaceutical and biotech companies or any academic institution needing accelerate/optimize catalytic/asymmetric syntheses, quickly and efficiently. EKKO™ also saves lab space with a footprint one-fourth of conventional CD instruments with autosamplers.


Enantiomeric Excess (ee) measurements

The instrument’s high throughput screening capability enables it to determine enantiomeric excess (ee) values rapidly.

Parallel synthesis is performed in the microplate. Enantiomeric excess can then be determined directly in the microplate without transferring solutions to another system. The system offers an effective alternative to HPLC with no need to separate enantiomers, and by avoiding the elution of solvent. EKKO ™ can attain throughput speeds that are between ten and 100 times faster than conventional CD instruments. and as such, it is the perfect tool to identify and qualify enantiomerically enriched compounds at high speed.

EKKO™ can measure spectra from far UV, enabling high throughput screening of protein structures, and the development of biotherapeutics. The instrument is also suitable for late-stage research and QA/QC labs requiring high throughput.





  • CD High Throughput Screening
  • 185-880 nm
  • 96 well readings < 2 minutes
  • Thousands of ee values per hour
  • Noise floor: as low as 0,05 mdeg (1s)
  • Extra-low operation costs
  • ¼ footprint of a conventional CD with autosampler attachment
  • 10 to 100 x faster than HPLC or conventional CD


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