Potentiostat Galvanostats.

An instrument for every possible scientific and industrial field

BioLogic provides a variety of robust and user-friendly potentiostats for many diverse applications, from single to bi to multiple channel form factors.
Our innovative software enables users to perform all the standard electrochemical techniques as well as a host of specialized procedures and analyses.

Product range


A range of powerful, modular, high-precision research-grade potentiostat/galvanostats built to handle almost every academic and industrial application imaginable.

Quality has in no way been compromised on this high-precision range of products. The BioLogic Essential range is made up of purpose-built, workhorse instruments, designed for researchers who need robust, high-quality, electrochemical measurement equipment, with standard acquisition times.

For an overview of the differences between our Essential and Premium ranges click here.

Product range


BioLogic designed the Premium range for researchers who need the fastest, most precise electrochemical measurement equipment available.

This state-of-the-art range of instruments boasts the highest specifications available on the market: from 100 fA to 150 Amps, from DC measurement, to 7 MHz in EIS and a sampling rate that can reach 1 data point every µs.

With acquisition times in excess of 1 Ms and bandwidths ranging from 10 µHZ to 7 MHz, and a sampling rate that can reach 1 data point every µs, Premium range potentiostat/galvanostats are unparalleled in terms of precision, performance and speed.

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