Premium Potentiostats

Boosters for Premium Potentiostats.

An extended range of booster modules for Premium range workstations

The high modularity of our state-of-the-art Premium range workstations enables users to easily upgrade their instrument with a comprehensive range of “plug n’ play” boosters, or choose them as options at point of purchase.

Each booster has its own specifications and is targeted at application areas, which include Batteries/Fuel cells, Photovoltaic/Solar and Electrolysis.

The available booster options are ±1 A/±48 V, ±2 A/±30 V, ±4 A/[-3;14] V, ±10 A/[-1;6] V.

The booster boards can be placed in parallel to increase the maximum current of a particular channel.

Please note that the different booster models cannot be mixed in parallel together to increase both voltage and current. For example, with the multi-channel VSP-300 and VMP-300 chassis up to 5 booster modules (in the VSP-300) and 15 booster modules (in the VMP-300) can be set in parallel. The maximum current in the VMP-300 is 150 A.

The instrument configuration can be easily changed on-site by the end-user. The instrument does not need to be sent back to the factory to be upgraded thanks to the plug and play capability of the booster modules.

The EC-Lab® control software package will automatically and immediately detect the new configuration facilitating the set-up of the upgraded device.

EC-Lab® Software

Powerful, modular and easy to use
The most powerful hardware is only as performant as the software that sits behind it. Bio-Logic’s EC-Lab has earned itself the reputation as the benchmark for potentiostat control software based on a combination of intuitive control and analytic power.

As powerful as it is user-friendly
EC-Lab® is the universal control and analysis platform for all Bio-Logic Potentiostat/Galvanostats/FRAs. A multi-device interface, EC-Lab® is capable of controlling multiple devices from a single interface offering centralized control of your experiment. Powerful, yet, user friendly, the interface has been designed to simplify your professional life. There is no need to learn multiple, complicated software applications. With EC Lab, graphics, analysis and specialized techniques for energy, fuel cells and batteries (amongst others) come as standard in the package, simplifying your workflow and helping you work more efficiently. And with Modify-on-the fly, BioLogic’s unique experiment building functionality, there is no need to pre-plan. You can simply build experiments as you go, giving you increased scientific freedom and opening up exciting new possibilities for scientific exploration.


  • Internal kit: ±1 A/ ±48 V
  • ±2 A/ ±30 V
  • ±4 A/ [-3; 14] V
  • ±10 A/ [-1; 6] V ; (up to 150 A in parallel)
  • EIS capability

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