Prismatic & Pouch Cell Holder

PBH-125 / PBH-150

Holder clamps for mono-channel pouch cells

Two versions are available for pouch cell testing, one with a maximum current of 25 A, and another with a maximum current of 50 A. The 4-point connection of these holders allows high-accuracy measurements.

Depending on your needs, two versions of the holder are available with different maximum current specifications,  one with a maximum 25 A and the other with a maximum 50 A.

Both holders use four separate connectors to measure voltage and current separately, thereby enhancing measurement quality by minimizing the measurement ohmic drop.

The clamp-type connectors allow optimal and repeatable contact pressure whilst also being very easy to use.

Mounted on a guide rail to improve its stability, these holders can be adapted to every type of  cell geometry. With an operating range of temperature from -30°C to 100°C, they are also climate chamber ready*


  • The 25 A version called PBH-125 has two 4 mm receptacles for power, and 2 mm receptacles for the sense.
  • The 50 A version called PBH-150 is provided with 6 mm eyelet type receptacles for the power, and 4 mm receptacles for the sense. This version is compatible with FlexP 00160/0060, HCV-3048, HCP-803/1005, BCS-800 series using a CC8, and boosters for the premium range using a CC4-60A.


The connection colors follow the convention used for other battery holders (except BH1-i):

  • Red cable: power (current) on the positive electrode
  • Blue cable: power (current) on the negative electrode
  • Yellow cable: sense (voltage measurement) on the positive electrode
  • White cable: sense (voltage measurement) on the negative electrode



*More details are given in the specifications section.

Specifications and ordering information




Cell type


Min leads separation distance /cm


Max leads separation distance /cm *


Number of channels


Max current / A



Connectors size** /mm

4 (power) / 2 (sense)

6 (power) / 4 (sense) **

Measurement type

4 point

Internal resistance /mΩ

< 3

To be used with

All instruments

Operating temperature range /°C

-30 to 80

-30 to 100

Size : H x W x D /mm***

40 x 150 x 210

Weight /kg


Catalog No




* Measured using the guiding rail and the center of the clamp
** The 6 mm receptacle is an eyelet ring. For an easy connection with CC4-60A, CC8, FlexP 0160/0060, please quote an additional connection kit: 094-110/CNT
*** Measured with the two clamps mounted on the guiding rail. The clamps can be detached from the guiding rail to suits large geometry batteries.

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