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Latest updated: June 2, 2023

Whether you are a die-hard EC-Lab® user or a scientist curious to know more about BioLogic’s benchmark control/analysis software, this first in a series of articles on EC-Lab® will be of interest to you.


Only on EC-Lab®: The functionality helping scientists across the globe

Modify on the fly:

It shouldn’t be difficult to plan and execute your measurements. But the truth is that many potentiostat interfaces are extremely inflexible. They require careful pre-planning for measurements and once the process has started, it is generally not possible to adapt or change settings. This can stunt creativity, flexibility that will really help your research, for example changing the cut-off voltage of a battery charge, or changing the vertex voltage for Cyclic Voltammetry, or applied voltage during an electrolysis experiment.
Modify on the fly in AC and DC is unique to BioLogic. You don’t need to plan. You can modify your experiment as you go, giving you more flexibility and control – both of which can help you progress your research.

Ethernet conection illustration

Ethernet access and remote management

We live in a world where the Internet plays a vital part in our everyday lives, whether this be on a personal or a professional level. However, EC-Lab® is currently the only control and analysis software that enables you to control your potentiostat remotely and/or share your instrument’s channels via multiple PCs or share multiple instruments from your PC. The benefits of this are obvious. You can work more easily as a team and get the most out of your potentiostat channels as well as facilitate group projects.
BioLogic is also offering lifetime Enterprise Licence. This means that you can install EC-Lab® on as many PCs as you need to – whether they are computers used in the lab to manage the instrument or others used elsewhere for analytical purposes. All of this gives you increased flexibility in the workplace.
The Ethernet connectivity and the lifetime enterprise licence make the EC-Lab® solution the perfect multiuser workstation.

Data of interest

Electrochemistry is not just about time, current & voltage. The variable process is a set of automated EC-Lab and BT-Lab potentiostat and battery cycler software functions that can save you valuable time in identifying key data of interest such as battery cycle life, Coulombic efficiency, capacity, Ohmic drop, and dQ/dV, etc.

BioLogic’s data of interest functionality guides you straight to the information you need.

Data of interest illustration

At a glance…

  • Fully automated process for ascertaining battery cycle life data
  • Increased precision/reduced lead time
  • Applicable for other key areas such as determining Coulombic Efficiency, specialist battery chemistries such as silicon batteries, capacity fading, Ohmic drop, and dQ/dV
  • Only available on BioLogic’s EC/BT-Lab interface

For more information on data of interest visit data of interest on the Learning Center

Autonomous instruments for optimum reliability and safety

Your data and your cell are extremely important, and so the reliability of your instruments is critical. This is why the architecture used in BioLogic instruments has been designed with a high level of robustness in mind.

Our electrochemical workstation is based on architecture that offers a channel board which is not just independent from the other potentiostat/galvanostat channel boards, but also from the computer. Indeed, embedded software or firmware is loaded onto each channel. This firmware manages the channel’s potentiostat/galvanostat, i.e. the firmware makes sure that the channel is performing the correct measurement you set up from the computer, via EC-Lab® software. The embedded smart firmware also manages how the data is sampled. More information available in this article.

Even more critical is the reliability of the measurement, i.e. how the cell is managed. What happens if there is an issue with the computer? Is the experiment stopped or is a random set point applied? With BioLogic instruments, measurements will continue based on the settings loaded on the channel board and, more specifically, the safety limit (see text box below) will be checked at every timebase.

This is especially relevant for long-term measurements taken over weeks or months, which is typical for battery testing equipment or battery ageing.

Safety first
With BioLogic instruments, it is possible to set safety limits. As opposed to the conditional limits found in the technique itself, which allow you to set up very complex experiments, this limit is valid during the whole procedure for each linked technique.
When a safety limit is triggered, the measurements are paused. The user may resume the experiment or not, depending on the status of the cell. Different variables can be set as a safety limit, voltage current, charge and the variables measured through the analog inputs. Typically, high and lower voltages, and temperature are recommended for high energy devices such as batteries, fuel cells, RFBs, and supercapacitor measurements.
Thus embedded intelligence allows you to put safety first.

Constantly evolving

BioLogic is constantly adding new functionality to EC-Lab®. We offer multiple upgrades to our clients each and every year. But as we all know, quality is every bit as important (if not more important) than quantity.
And though there are “standard” updates relating to bug fixes, which you would expect to receive from any software developer, BioLogic goes much further than just fixing issues or improving code quality.
Take the example of version 11.40 of EC-Lab® which was launched in June last year. There was a vast array of new innovative functionality embedded in this version, which helps scientists improve the quality of their measurements, gain deeper analytical insights and work more quickly and efficiently. BioLogic’s ethos is that the potentiostat can only ever be as powerful as the software that runs it. And we want the best for our clients.

FeatureNameOnly available on EC-Lab®
Full cell controlThe ability to fully understand the behaviour of each electrode gives users a holistic view of battery performance making it more relevant to their research. Thanks to advanced BioLogic potentiostat / galvanostats, researchers are no longer forced to investigate each half-cell separately. BioLogic users can exploit the EC-Lab® full cell control (not only measure an additional voltage but really control, the full cell and measure the 3 voltages of interest in the battery, or any energy device).
This is managed using a reference electrode, so the battery must allow a 3-electrode set-up. The positive voltage values can be obtained directly. This control mode allows the user to perform both Galvano and Potentio sequences without tricking the cell connection!!! For more information click here
Temperature Control Unit
The ability to control testing environments has become increasingly important for a large number of electrochemical applications including battery testing. TCU server acts as a bridge between BioLogic’s potentiostat control and analysis software, EC-Lab®, and a climatic chamber (named Temparture Control Unit, TCU). Users can easily control the temperature of a variety of compatible climatic chambers TCUs including:

• Watlow F4, F4T
• Eurotherm 3504
• ITS-e

This functionality, unique to BioLogic, also enables users to control multiple TCUs from one computer (for example, one TCU per channel). A synchronization feature means it is also possible to put several cells in the same climatic chamber. The temperature change will be executed when all the cells have finished being tested.
MT VariablesIt is common to use EIS to characterize the conductivity of materials, for example anodes, cathodes, electrolytes, battery membranes. EC-Lab®, is capable of processing EIS data online to provide the conductivity, permittivity, resistivity, loas angle… Yes
Technique filterit may be difficult to find the appropriate technique to match a user need among the hundreds available on EC-Lab, so this filter will guide you to the most suitable one.Yes


EC-Lab® has a reputation for being simple to use. BioLogic’s extensive development time invests significant man hours in making the user process as simple, and as streamlined, as possible. it is easy to set up very complex procedures (involving many different types of control and limits, coupled with additional devices, and managing several channels) but also incredibly quick to set up a basic measurement.
It’s simple to use and it’s powerful. It’s constantly evolving.
Why would you want to use any other control/analysis interface?

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