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Take your experiments ‘To Go’ with EC-Lab®

Latest updated: June 13, 2023

Unlock the true potential of your electrochemical experiments with wireless connectivity!


In the world of scientific research and development, in which several users share and manage laboratory resources, the ability to connect multiple potentiostats to any computer has become an essential requirement for streamlined data acquisition and analysis. Gone are the days of cumbersome wired connections and limited accessibility. With BioLogic’s Essential and Premium Potentiostats and EC-Lab®, you can connect via USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi to effortlessly integrate your potentiostats with your computer systems.
In this article, we want to show you how simple it is to connect to your potentiostats, changing the way you conduct electrochemical research. So say goodbye to tangled wires and desktops dedicated just to running electrochemical experiments and processing data and hello to the freedom to control and acquire data from both near and far.

Scheme 1. Options to connect to BioLogic potentiostats.


With a few simple configuration steps, you can connect via direct Ethernet connection. Simply connect to the instrument and then manually modify your computer’s IP address to closely match the IP address of the instrument.

Network and Wi-Fi

For even more flexibility, you can connect multiple BioLogic potentiostats to your network and then access and control them remotely on your laptop. After an initial setup, where you modify the IP address of your instrument to match your network, you can then connect your computer to your network as you normally would, either by Wi-Fi or with Ethernet. And if your company supports VPN access, you can connect to all BioLogic instruments on your network to access and analyze live data from anywhere! For more information read our Technical Note detailing all connection options or watch the video demonstrating how to modify your instrument’s IP address.


Of course, if you wish to connect your instrument via USB that option is still available. Our potentiostats are shipped with a standard USB cable and setup is simple and straightforward.


With BioLogic’s potentiostats, researchers can conduct their experiments with ease, while enjoying the flexibility and versatility offered by different connectivity options. Researchers can effortlessly integrate their potentiostats with computer systems via multiple options, such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and USB, allowing for streamlined data acquisition and analysis. The freedom to control and acquire data from both nearby and remote locations increases efficiency and convenience in electrochemical research.


EC-Lab Technical Notes 03 Communicate with the instruments
Video: Computer to instrument connection – EC-Lab

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