Switch external devices from within the M470 software

Especially useful for investigations of the effect of light on a living plant or on dye sensitized solar cells

The Universal Serial Bus – Parallel Input Output (USB-PIO) has been designed specifically for use with the  M470. The USB-PIO allows external devices, such as a low voltage lamp or LED, to be switched directly from the M470 software.


The USB-PIO can be used to control up to 4 different channels individually or collectively in a standalone experiment, in a sequenced experiment, or in the Modular Map Experiment (MME). The MME is an SECM based experiment designed specifically for use with the USB-PIO, and is available with the M470 scanning electrochemical workstation. Using the MME researchers can switch or read from external devices at each individual x-y point, and apply multiple biases at a single point in the area scan.


The USB-PIO can interface directly to user supplied cables using the DB25 pin female connector, or through the supplied breakout PCB. The USB-PIO interfaces to the user’s PC through USB connection, which also acts as the power supply.


The USB-PIO for the M470 Scanning Electrochemical Workstation can be used for a variety of practical applications including:

  • The investigation of the effect of light on a living plant
  • The investigation of the effect of light on dye sensitized solar cells


The USB-PIO is supplied with the USB-PIO, a breakout PCB, and the necessary parallel and USB cables.


  • 4 channels controlled individually or collectively
  • +24v DC @ 0.9mA Max (reverse voltage protected) Input on all 4 channels
  • Common, Normally-Open and Normally-Closed relays, rated at +/-24v AC/DC @ 300mA resistive load Max Output on all 4 channels
  • 5v DC power supply sourced via USB connection

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