Foil Cell

M470 accessory

Designed for use with flat samples, including those used for battery electrodes

The Foil Cell has been designed for use with flat, foil type samples, such as those used as battery electrodes. It is ideal for use in Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM) measurements of these sample types using the M470 scanning electrochemical workstation. It has been designed for direct sealing onto foil electrodes, without exposing their edges to the electrolyte, whilst using the minimum amount of electrolyte.


The Foil Cell mounts directly onto the baseplate of the µTriCellTM and Shallow µTriCellTM. This allows the Foil Cell to conveniently mount onto the baseplate of the M470, or any standard optical grid. Furthermore, by mounting directly onto the baseplate of the µTriCellTM and Shallow µTriCellTM the Foil Cell allows the sample position to be easily adjusted without moving or adjusting the scanning head. This enables the sample to be levelled for scanning probe electrochemistry measurements to ensure the strangest signal throughout.


The Foil Cell for the M470 Scanning Electrochemical Workstation can be used for a variety of practical applications including:

  • Measurement of battery electrodes
  • Corrosion monitoring of thin, flat samples


The Foil Cell is supplied as a kit consisting of the main Foil Cell body, the screw fittings, and the O-rings.
The angled lip leading to the sample opening allows the positioning of the probe to be monitored with the VCAM3 zoom-lens video microscope system.

Cell dimension

  • Cell Radius 10 mm
  • Cell Height 2 mm
  • Cell Volume 1 ml

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