Long Working Distance Video Microscope.

Accessory designed to allow users to view the distance between probe tip & sample surface

The Video Microscope System (Model VCAM3) is a long working distance video microscope which allows users to view the distance between probe tip and sample surface in the scanning probe electrochemistry techniques available on the M470 and SECM150.


The use of the VCAM3 aids with probe positioning during experimental setup, avoiding unnecessary damage to the probe or sample, and simplifies probe approach. It can also be used to view the sample throughout the experiment.


The VCAM3 video microscope system is supplied as a complete set. It is provided with an XYZ adjustable stand to allow the region of interest to be easily focused on. It is also supplied with the compatible LCD monitor and all necessary cables to couple with the video microscope.



Working Distance130 mm
Min illumination/lux0.003
Field of view/mm1.6*2 mm (max) to 13*8mm (min)
Operating temperature/°C-30 to 70
Catalog n°U-VCAM3
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