BioLogic potentiostat galvanostats

Modular, high-specification hardware,

Powerful, intuitive software,

The perfect combination.


A potentiostat for every application. Whatever your area of expertise.

Whether you work in Science or industry, BioLogic’s comprehensive portfolio has been built to answer the individual needs of users across a wide range of domains. So whether your area of expertise lies in energy or corrosion, material characterization of bio-molecular electrochem­istry – we will have an instrument to match your specific needs.


Essential and Premium: An instrument for every possible need

BioLogic’s potentiostats (sometimes referred to as Electrochemical Workstations) are available in two product ranges:



Modular, durable, single and multi-channel electrochemical workstations designed to meet both classical and demand­ing electrochemical research needs. The Essential range features EIS up to 1 MHz, a current range from 1 A down to 10 μA, with the possibility of extending up to 800 A and down to 1 nA with options. No compromise has been made on quality in this range driven by EC-Lab™ software, the same control interface that drives BioLogic’s Premium range of potentiostats.



The Premium range has been designed to meet the needs of users working on the most demanding possible research applications. It boasts state-of-the-art specifications including 7 MHz EIS, a current and voltage range from 10 μ A to 100 A and 10 to 60 V respectively, together with a sampling rate that can reach 1 data point every μs. Built-in calibration guarantees consistent, high-per­formance over the life of the instrument and built-in quality indicators give you the peace of mind that only comes from validated results.

And these instruments are versatile. They can be configured as single potentio­stats, bipots or multichannel electrochemical workstations.





Why choose BioLogic potentiostat / galvanostats?


  • Scalable, future proof potentiostats: modular design ensures that the instruments grow with your research needs (upgradable in-situ)
  • Modify on the fly: Unique to EC-Lab, build your experiment as you go, no need to plan

Powerful, user-friendly interface

  • EC-Lab® software: unparalleled analysis and control in an intuitive, smooth, multi-function software package
  • Total, centralized control: No additional modules or bolt-on software packages for data analysis.
  • A world leader in interface design: capitalize on 25 years of R&D expertise

Innovative product features

  • EIS functionality as standard with all BioLogic potentiostats, available up to 7 MHz, with current from 1 A down to 10 μA
  • EIS Quality Indicators: Validate your potentiostats simply, quickly and easily: BioLogic is the only supplier to use quantitative, rather than qualitative information to generate its quality indicators, resulting in information that is more precise, more trustworthy.
  • Second voltage measurement (measure the voltage of the negative electrode)
  • High-speed shift (fastest available): Unique design enables an ultra-fast shift from Galvano to potentio avoiding any tran­sient phenomena on the battery.
  • Connect your  potentiostat to your Local Area Network (LAN) via Ethernet: facilitates group working and control of multi-channel instruments
  • Multi-electrode measurements with a dedicated connection mode (CE to GND mode).

Innovation comes as standard

EIS quality indicators (THD, NSD, NSR). Modify-on-the-fly. Centralized control and analysis software.

And much more…

A configuration for every possible application

Single-channel electrochemical workstations
Five single-channel potentiostats are available from the simple, user-friendly SP-50 to the powerful research-grade SP-300.


SP-50 SP-150 SP-200 SP-240 SP-300
Essential Essential Premium Premium Premium



Two bipots are available (BP-300, SP-300) for synchronized dual-channel use and for controlling ancillary instruments such as RRDE (rotating ring disk electrode), IDA (electroanalytical), or SECM (scanning electrochemical microscope).

 BP-300 SP-300
Premium Premium


Multichannel instruments

Multichannel potentiostats feature up to 16 channels to measure 16 electrochemical cells in parallel, thereby increasing research throughput. BioLogic’s proprietary CE to ground mode enables the implementation of multi-electrode measurements (several electrochemical cells in the same bath).

VSP VSP-3e VMP3  VMP-3e VSP-300 VMP-300
Essential Essential Essential Premium Premium
5 channels 8 channels 16 channels 6 Channels 16 Channels