Redox Flow Battery Cell

Redox Flow Battery Cells

Let the energy flow

Our range of redox Flow Battery cells are manufactured by Pinflow. They provide optimal reproducibility as well as a high modularity.

BioLogic provides two types of redox flow batteries with two different active surface areas: 5 cm2 and 20 cm2. This package allows you to work with both aqueous or organic electrolytes depending on your research needs or studies. For direct use, we have different testing packages available, made up of 8 felts and four membranes, that can be chosen between Fumasep F-1850, multiple Nafion types or Vanadion.


Sealings and bipolar plates can also be purchased separately as spare parts.


Complete turnkey set-ups with climatic chambers and flow control are also available. Please ask your local reseller for more information or see the table below.


Exploded view of the Pinflow lab cell.


Pinflow RFB cells exhibit low internal resistance as can be seen on the load curve below. Typical values of internal resistance are lower than 2 Ω.cm².



More data are shown in the following papers:


The lab cells from Pinflow are specially designed to control the pressure applied on the carbon felts that are used as electrodes. Using rigid components and non-flat bipolar plates, one can not only perform reproducible experiments, but also, it is possible to use various electrode thicknesses.


The scheme below shows that by providing non-flat carbon polymer composite plate one can control the compression and the thickness of the carbon felt electrode that is being used. The thickness of the electrode compartment can be easily set up using carbon-polymer composite plates with defined stump or pit.



By default, the gap thickness after assembly of the Labcell with the flat bipolar plates is 3.75 mm. For more information, contact your local reseller.


Specifications and ordering information


5 cm²20 cm²
Lab CellsStandardP-LABCELL/5P-LABCELL/20
For organic mediaP-LABCELL/5FP-LABCELL/20F
ConsumablesTesting packages
(8x felts, 4x membranes)
Fumasep F-1850P-TEST-PACK/5-11P-TEST-PACK/20-11
Nafion N115P-TEST-PACK/5-13P-TEST-PACK/20-13
Nafion N117P-TEST-PACK/5-14P-TEST-PACK/20-14
Nafion N212P-TEST-PACK/5-15P-TEST-PACK/20-15
Fumasep F-1850P-MEMB/5-11P-MEMB/20-11
Nafion N115P-MEMB/5-13P-MEMB/20-13
Nafion N117P-MEMB/5-14P-MEMB/20-14
Nafion N212P-MEMB/5-15P-MEMB/20-15
Spare partsPack of sealings
For organic mediaP-PSEAL/5FP-PSEAL/20F
For organic mediaP-SSEAL/5FP-SSEAL/20F
Bipolar plates
(1x set of 2)
Tubing and vessels-P-TUBINGS
Peristaltic pump with two pumphead-P-LABCELLPUMP/2
Felt cutter-P-CUTTER/5P-CUTTER/20
Data acquisition module-P-DATAMOD

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