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The CC4-200A was specially designed for high power applications up to 200 A. Four FlexP0160 in parallel can reach 200 A and four HCV-3048 in parallel can reach 120 A.

The CC4-200A includes connection cables from the instrument to the CC4 and from the CC4 to the cell. As input power, four pairs of cables with 6 mm receptacles are available and as input voltage four 4 mm receptacles are available. As output, one pair of 2.5 m power cables are included with M8 threading to connect to the cell, and one pair of 2.5 m voltage sense cables are included with 4 mm banana plugs.

Specifications and ordering information


Connection details
Power cables 6 mm
Voltage sense receptacles 4 mm
Power receptacles 8 mm (Amphenol, IP2x)
Output voltage receptacles 4 mm
Cables details
Output power 1 pair of 2.5 m power cables with 8 mm receptacles and M8 threads
Output voltage 1 pair of 2.5 m sense cables with 4 mm banana plugs
Included connection kit
Power 1 pair of Amphenol 8 mm receptacles
Voltage sense 2 pairs of lugs with 4 mm receptacles


Catalog No
CC4-200A Current Collector (4 channels)

for FlexP0160/FlexP0060/HCV-3048 up to 200 A

Included connection kit for FlexP 0012 and CC4-200A (can be purchased separately) 093-200/CNT

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