Prismatic & Pouch Cell Holder

PPBH-132 / PPBH-1100

Single-channel holder for high power prismatic and pouch cells

This 4-point measurement single channel holder is available in two versions, depending on the demanded maximum current: 32 or 100 A. Thanks to an adaptable tablet the same holder can be used for prismatic and flat pouch cells.

In these 4-point measurement holders, the distance between the positive and the negative poles of the cell is adaptable. The PPBH-132 has 4 mm receptacles for the connection to the instrument. The PPBH-1100 also has 4 mm receptacles for currents upt to 32 A. For higher currents the power cables must be connected to the 6 mm flush mounting receptacles, which are compatible with cables provided with FleP0160, HCV-3048, as well as CC8 and CC4-60A current collectors. More details in the specifications.



PPBH-132 PPBH-1100
Cell type Prismatic, Pouch
Cell min height/mm 0
Cell max height/mm 139
Min leads separation distance 66
Max leads separation distance 155
Number of channels 1
Max current / A 32 100
Connectors size/mm 4 4 and 6
Measurement type 4 point
To be used with All instruments
Max operating T°/°C 80
Size : H x W x D/mm 265 x 320 x 300 320 x 320 x 360
Weight/kg 3 5.1
Catalog No 092-PC32/1 092-PC100/1

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