Coin Cell Holder


8 position and 4 point coin cell holder

The CCH-8 is an 8 position coin holder designed for 20 and 24 mm coin cells, with a maximum thickness of 3.2 mm. Its 4 point connection provides low connection impedance, necessary for accurate AC and DC tests.

The CCH-8 is an 8 position coin holder designed for 20 and 24 mm coin cells. Its 4 point connection provides the lowest connection impedance allowing unbiased AC and DC tests. The unique cell cable greatly reduces the cable cluttering typically associated with battery testing. It has been designed for climatic chambers with an operating temperature range from -30 °C to 80 °C. Several CCH-8 can stacked together to allow more batteries under test in the same small footprint.

Unique features

  • 8 positions for 20 and 24 mm coin cells
  • Compact and climate chamber ready (-30°C to 80 °C)
  • A unique cell cable for the 8 coin cells with a wide range of cable lengths for both BCS series and VMP3/VMP-300 instruments.
  • 4 points connection for lowest connector related impedance




Battery holder : body


Product nameCCH-8
Cell max diameter/mm24
Cell height/mm1.6 – 3.2
Number of channels8
Measurement type4 point
Climatic chamber compatibilityYes (-30 to 80 °C)
Size (H x W x D) /mm30 x 246 x 85
Catalog No096-128/H

*Flammability: the CCH-8 (main body) is made of different materials that are UL 94 (V-0 and HB).




LengthCatalog n°Compatible with
2.5 m long096-128/C25BCS-805
5 m long096-128/C50
For all instruments
(banana receptacles)
75 cm long092-22/24aVSP / VSP-3e
and more ...
2.5 m long092-22/24b
For Essential range instruments and MPG series
2.5 m long092-22/24cVSP / VSP-3e


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