Coin Cell Holder


4-channel holder for coin cells

This simple coin cell holder allows to test simultaneously 4 coin cells. It is compatible with MPG2 and VMP3 multichannel potentiostat/galvanostat. 4 of these are needed reach 16 simultaneous experiments.

The CCH allows to simultaneously test 4 coin cells on a VMP3 or an MPG2. With 4 CCH, all the sixteen channels of the MPG2 can be populated and 16 measurements can be performed simultaneously. The maximum size of the coin cells that can be tested is 24 mm for the diameter and 3 mm for the thickness.

Specifications and ordering information


Cell max diameter/mm 24
Cell height/mm 3
Number of channels 4
Measurement type 2 point
To be used with MPG2
Climatic chamber compatibility No
Catalog n° 092-22/14

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