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Universal battery holders

The BH-1i Battery Holder is a modular accessory for battery test applications, compatible with a wide variety of battery types (coin cells, 18650 and 26650 cells), up to 4 batteries can be tested simultaneously, with a maximum current of 12 A per channel.

The BH-1i is a 4-channel battery holder. The holder has 2 mm receptacles to allow an easy connection with Bio-Logic potentiostat/galvanostat and also 4 mm power receptacles for an easy connection with boosters and BCS-8XX battery testers. Measurements are performed using 4 point, allowing a minimal ohmic drop and a maximal accuracy. The maximum current that can flow is 12 A per channel, and each 4-channel battery holder can be easily clipped to one another, allowing for example a full 16-channel set-up to be connected to an MPG2. Further details are given in the specifications.

Specifications and ordering information


Cell type Cylindrical
Cell max diameter /mm 26
Cell min height /mm 0
Cell max height /mm 76
Number of channels 4
Max current /A 12
Measurement type 4 point
Connectors size /mm 2 and 4
To be used with All instruments
Max operating T°/°C 60
Size: H x W x D /mm 205 x 150 x 95
Weight /kg 0.6


Catalog No.
BH-1i 092-22/15


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