Prismatic & Pouch Cell Holder

PBH-4 / PBH-8

Multi-channel holder for pouch cells

4 and 8-channel holders are available for small pouch cells up to 32 A. These holders have 4-point connection allowing high accuracy measurements.

These holders were specially designed to test small pouch cells, demanding a current uipt to 32 A per channel. The width between the positive and the negative poles of the cell can be changed to fit most of the geometries. Four separate connectors are used to separately measure voltage and current, hence minimizing the measurement ohmic drop. 4 mm receptacles are available in the back of the holder for an easy connection from the instrument to the holder. More details are given in the specifications section.

Specifications and ordering information


Cell type Pouch
Cell min height/mm 0
Cell max height/mm 13
Min leads separation distance 12
Max leads separation distance 44
Number of channels 4 8
Max current / A 32
Connectors size/mm 4
Measurement type 4 point
To be used with All instruments
Max operating T°/°C 80
Size : H x W x D/mm 135 x 325 x 180 135 x 650 x 180
Weight/kg 1.9 3.8
Catalog No 092-P32/4 092-P32/8


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