Spectro electrochemistry

SEC2020 system.

Compact and robust

The SEC2020 spectrometer kit is a compact system, ideal for spectroelectrochemical experiments. All the components sit on a sturdy aluminium platform. It includes high-performance grating and optical design, which makes it able to measure on a wide wavelength range with a high sensitivity.

The SEC2020 uses as a light source a compact modularized deuterium halogen lamp, fixed to the cell holder on the aluminium platform, during the measurement, for increased sensitivity. The SEC2020 spectrometer allows to detect species in the UV-VIS to near IR wavelength range with only one single detector and one single unit. The SEC2020 spectrometer system adopts Czerny-Turner optical mount. This system is an M-shaped structure symmetrical about the grating and is an optical system with extremely small aberration. The spectrometer and the light source come with a standard SMA905 connector, which allows a wide number of optical fibers and probes to be connected.

Specifications and ordering information

Spectrometer specifications
Detector 2048 element linear silicon CCD array
Full description SEC2021-025-DUVN
Detector range/nm 200 – 1025
Grating Blaze wavelength (300 nm)
Slit/µm 25
Wavelength resolution/nm 1.3
Fiber connector SMA905 Core diameter: 600 µm NA=0.22
Interface USB2.0
Operating system WindowsTM 7 ⁄ 8.1 ⁄ 10 (32bit ⁄ 64bit)
Dimensions/mm 32×86×110 (HxWxD)


Light source specifications
Light type Deuterium halogen light source
Wavelength range/nm 200 – 1700
Stability < 0.1 %
Drift/h 0.25 %
Bulb life/h >1000 (D2 lamp)

>2000 (halogen lamp)

Fiber connector SMA905
Dimensions (H x W × D) / mm 46 x 100 × 165


SEC2020 Spectrometer system
SEC2020 Spectrometer system Catalog n°
SEC2020 spectrometer kit A-013609
SEC2021 Spectrometer (x 1)
SEC2022 Deuterium halogen light source (x 1)
SEC2023 Cuvette holder (x 1)
SEC2024 Platform (x 1)
AC adaptor (x 1)
Power cable (x 1)
USB cable (x 1)
Collimator (x 2)
Fiber collimator (x 1)
Platform screw (x 7)
External device connection trigger cable (x 1)
Light source control trigger cable (x 1)
Plastic cuvette (x 1)
SMA905 adaptor for light source (x 3)
SMA905 adaptor for light shielding (x 2)
Hexagon wrench 0.89 mm (x 1)
Hexagon wrench 1.50 mm (x 1)
Software (USB memory) (x 1)
Waterproof box (x 1)
Quick manual, wavelength calibration data sheet, linearity test data sheet and warranty certificate are also included.
Connecting cable to synchronize the SEC2020 with Bio-Logic instrument. 092-22/11

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