Stopped-flow/quench flow

Titration accessory for stopped-flow and spectroscopy.

Device is compativble with all BioLogic SFM models

A programmable titration accessory exploiting ta high precision stepping motors for accurate micro-volume delivery.

Expand your SFM quickly, easily, and inexpensively

Compatible with all SFM models…

The programmable titrator takes advantage of high precision stepping motors for accurate micro-volume delivery. Volumes as low as 2 μl can be injected using 1.9 ml syringe.


The titrator accessory is designed to accept standard 1 cm x 1 cm cells, and includes a micro magnetic stirrer. A 5.5 mm diameter port is available for external devices (pH or nitric oxide electrodes, temperature probes). The titration head is connected to the SFM (circulating bath circuit, but an optional Peltier element is available for independent control of cuvette temperature.


Titration sequence design

The titrator is fully automated from with user-defined concentration steps. Automatic increment functions are also available, including a variable function to change the increment during titration.

Bio-Kine automatically tracks solution volumes, and alerts the user to out of range conditions.
When acquisition is made using a Bio-Logic spectrometer, a series of titration sequences is carried out automatically. External detection devices can be synchronized by adjusting the steps and acquisition duration.


Data collection

The user selects between single wavelength titration and spectral titrations.
When the titration experiment is carried out at a single wavelength using a Bio-Logic spectrometerBio-Kine software automatically builds the titration curve at each step by plotting signal versus concentration. Depending on the spectrometer model spectra can also be recorded at each titration step and data displayed and analyzed as a 3D file.



Minimum injection volume:       2µl ( 1.9ml syringe)  10 µl (10ml syringes)

Injection ports :                             3

Detection windows                       3

External probes port                     1 (diam. 5.5mm)

Temperature control                     Yes ( -20°C to + 85°C)

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