Stopped-flow/quench flow

X-Ray accessory.

Time Resolved Small Angle X-Ray Scattering

Accessory used to connect stopped flow devices to synchrotron beam lines.

Time-Resolved Small Angle X-Ray Scattering (TR-SAXS) has become a popular technique to characterize nanostructures.

The X-Ray observation head is engineered with a 60° opening to maximize the solid angle so both Small Angle (SAXS) and Wide Angle (WAXS) scattering applications can be covered. A standard Berger Ball mixer is built-in in the X-Ray head.

The X-Ray head is available with three sizes of capillary holder (OD 1.1, 1.5 and 2 mm). All holders can be fitted in the same observation head.

A special capillary holder with 90° windows is also available for simultaneous optical and X-Ray measurements. Depending on capillary geometry a flow rate up to 7-8 ml/s can be used.

The SFM can be fitted onto the synchrotron beamline or bench-top X-Ray station. If space is not available around the beam line the X-Ray head can be combined with an umbilical link. For applications where the user needs to simultaneously measure XAFS and absorbance along a longer light path, a customized TC-50 cuvette (5 mm light path) with thinner walls is available. Contact Bio-Logic for details.

X-Ray head includes:
● Observation head with large opening window,
● Capillary holder,
● Berger Ball mixer,
● Hard-stop (capillaries not supplied)



Solid angle aperture 60°C
Maximum flow rate 8 ml/s
Temperature control yes

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