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A booster pack designed specifically for battery pack characterizations. Continuous maximum current of +/-30 A extendable by +/-120

The HCV-3048 booster is designed for battery pack characterizations.

The continuous maximum current of +/-30 A for a single unit can be extended up to +/-120 A by connecting four units in parallel.

Thanks to the wide bandwidth of HCV-3048, EIS measurements can be performed up to 500 kHz.

The instrument configuration can be easily modified, in-situ, to meet the end user’s specific requirements. The instrument does not need to be sent back to the factory to be upgraded thanks to the plug and play capability of the booster modules.

The EC-Lab® interface will automatically detect any new configuration ensuring that the transition to the new upgrade occurs seamlessly.

EC-Lab® Software

Powerful, modular and easy to use
The most powerful hardware is only as performant as the software that sits behind it. Bio-Logic’s EC-Lab has earned itself the reputation as the benchmark for potentiostat control software based on a combination of intuitive control and analytic power.


  • ±30 A / 0-48 V
  • Up to ±120 A with 4 unit in parallel
  • EIS measurement up to 500 kHz

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