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TCU Server

TCU Server 

Climatic chamber control direct from EC-Lab® software.


The ability to control testing environments has become increasingly important for a large number of electrochemical applications including battery testing. TCU server acts as a bridge between BioLogic’s potentiostat control and analysis software, EC-Lab®, and compatible Temperature Control Units (TCUs).  Users can easily control the temperature of a variety of compatible TCUs including:


  • Watlow F4, F4T
  • Eurotherm 3504
  • ITS-e


This functionality, unique to BioLogic, also enables users to control multiple TCUs from one computer (for example, one TCU per channel). Users can control multiple cells via a pre-programmable synchronization process.
The manual of the software is available in the download section.


Compatibility: TCU server V1.2.6.0 is compatible with EC-Lab: V11.40.



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Version history

TCU Server: Installation Tutorial

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