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TCU Server

TCU Server 

Climatic chamber control direct from EC-Lab® software.


The ability to control testing environments has become increasingly important for a large number of electrochemical applications including battery testing. TCU server acts as a bridge between BioLogic’s potentiostat & cyclers control and analysis software, EC-Lab® & BT-Lab®, and compatible Temperature Control Units (TCUs).  Users can easily control the temperature of a variety of compatible TCUs including:


  • Watlow F4, F4T
  • Eurotherm 3504
  • ITS-e
  • Binder MK series climate chambers (with MB2 controller)


This functionality, unique to BioLogic, also enables users to control multiple TCUs from one computer (for example, one TCU per channel). Users can control multiple cells via a pre-programmable synchronization process.
The manual of the software is available in the download section.


TCU server V1.3.2 is compatible with EC-Lab: V11.43 & BT-Lab V1.74.



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Version history

TCU Server: Installation Tutorial

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