King size reference electrodes

Everyone needs a reference

In addition to small reference electrodes, larger and sturdier reference electrodes are also available. Various electrodes are available depending on the experiment conditions. Please also note a reference electrode dedicated to EIS measurements, where a capacitance in parallel is added to remove all the high frequencies artefacts of the reference electrodes.

More details on the electrodes are given in the specifications section. Please note that an adapter is recommended to connect these references to Bio-Logic instruments and that bridge tubes are also available to prevent the electrode from being contaminated by the electrolyte.

Specification and ordering information



Catalog No. Junction Electrolyte Purpose
Ag/AgCl reference electrode length 120 mm, OD 8 mm R-XR300 ceramic sat KCl CV
length 160 mm, OD 8 mm R-XR820 ceramic sat KCl EIS
Red Rod reference electrode length 120 mm, OD 8 mm R-XR440 ceramic 1M KNO3 CV
Red Rod reference electrode length 103 mm, OD 7.5 mm R-REF201 ceramic 1M KNO3 CV


Options  Catalog No.
Short connection cable for screw cap electrode length 10 cm with 2 mm male banana plug R-A94L111*
Cable connection for Screw cap Electrode (1 m – 4 mm banana plug) R-CL111*
12 mm OD conical rings for 8 mm OD electrodes (4 pieces) R-X31M012
Bridge tube with ceramic junction length: 70 mm, OD 12 mm R-AL100
length: 250 mm, OD 8 mm R-AL110
with reverse sleeve (non aqueous) length: 138 mm, OD 8 mm R-AL210
length: 138 mm, OD 8 mm R-AL120
* R-A94L111, R-CL111 or R-CRI9439 connectors are strongly recommended to connect these reference electrodes to the potentiostat



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