Corrosion Cell

Coating cell

A simple cell for large coated metallic samples

This simple cell is designed to perform electrochemical experiments on large coated samples, with no restriction of sizes.

The “Coating cell” is an affordable cell especially dedicated for testing flat coated material samples. The coating cell consists of a glass tube mounted on a square nylon base (100 cm2). In order to avoid solution leakage, an O-ring is placed between the tested sample and the bottom of the glass body.


Reference electrode and vinyl masks are proposed as an option. Three test areas of sample (exposed to solution) can be studied: 10 cm2, 3 cm2 and 1 cm2. These surfaces are delimited by 40 mm x 40 mm vinyl mask with a hole of 10 cm2, 3 cm2, 1 cm2. The vinyl mask should be placed on the sample.


The working electrode is a thin flat sample with a maximum thickness of 10 mm. For a thick flat sample, the paint cell can be used without the nylon base.

The counter electrode, (inserted through the top of rubber cover) is provided with the cell.

The coating cell is not recommended for strong acids and bases because of the low chemical resistance of the rubber cover and that of the O-ring.


  • Vial volume: 50 mL
  • Active area: 1 cm2, 3 cm2 and 10 cm2
  • Sample size: square sample with a side length higher than Lmin = 4.0 cm

A part of the working electrode must be outside of the nylon base in order to connect the sample to the potentiostat (electrical contact with alligator clip). Because of the short length of the reference electrode, it is recommended to use a bridge tube if the volume of solution inside the Coating Cell is lower than 50 mL.


Ordering Information

The Coating Cell kit contains the parts below:


Catalog No.
Coating Cell Kit EL-COAT
Glass for Coating cell EL-P-002
Nylon base with three feet EL-P-003
Rubber cup with two holes EL-P-004
Metallic clamp EL-P-005
O-ring for Coating Cell EL-P-006
Graphite rod counter electrode (L 145 mm, OD 6 mm) EL-P-009


Ag/AgCl reference electrode (OD = 6 mm) A-012167
Bridge tube for 6 mm reference electrode EL-P-008
Mask for 1 cm(20 units) EL-P-011
Mask for 3 cm(20 units) EL-P-012
Mask for 10 cm2 (20 units) EL-P-013


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