Corrosion Cell

Galvanic cells

A cell designed for galvanic corrosion experiments

This cell allows to have two large metallic samples as working electrodes and to perform experiments such as Evans diagram or galvanic corrosion current determination.

This cell is based on the same design as the Flat Cell. Instead of having one working electrode and graphite rod as a counter electrode, this cell allows to have two different materials at each end of the cell. The exposed area can be 1 or 10 cm², independently on each side. Using this cell all the investigations around galvanic corrosion can be performed: Evans diagram, galvanic potential and current measurements, galvanic I vs. E characteristic…

Specifications and ordering information


Sample size
  • Min diameter: 30.5 mm (EL-GAL-1); 40.5 mm (EL-GAL-10)
  • Max. thickness: 6 mm


Catalog No.
Galvanic cell of 1 cm2 Content:

·         EL-FLAT

·         092-FLAT/1

Galvanic cell of 10 cm2 Content:

·         EL-FLAT-2

·         092-FLAT/10



Please refer to Flat cells for more detailed information.

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