Working electrodes

This is where it all happens

Working electrodes are of utter importance because this is where everything that interests the electrochemist will happen. A large offer of working electrodes are available with a very wide range of size and materials.

9 metals are available: Carbon, Pt, Au, Ag, Pd, Ni, Cu, Fe, BDD (Boron-doped diamond), as well as empty electrodes to host carbon paste that is also available.
Different sizes are available from 5 mm down 10 µm.


A polishing kit is also available.



Note the UME electrode dedicated to SECM are available here:


More details are given in the specifications section.

Specifications and ordering information


These working electrodes are all made of a PEEK isolation body.


OD /mmElectrode size /mmCatalog No.
CarbonStandard glassy carbon10 mm5 mmA-002417
6 mm3 mmA-002012
6 mm1.6 mmA-012297
6 mm1 mmA-002411
Small glassy carbon3 mm1.6 mmA-012298
3 mm1 mmA-002412
Standard Pyrolytic graphiteBasal Plane6 mm3 mmA-002252
Edge Plane6 mm3 mmA-002253
Standard plastic formed6 mm3 mmA-002408
6 mm1 mmA-002409
Small Plastic formed carbon3 mm1 mmA-011854
PlatinumStandard Platinum10 mm5 mmA-002420
6 mm3 mmA-002422
6 mm1.6 mmA-002013
Small Platinum3 mm1.6 mmA-002313
GoldStandard Gold10 mm5 mmA-002418
6 mm3 mmA-002421
6 mm1.6 mmA-002014
Small Gold3 mm1.6 mmA-002314
SilverStandard Silver10 mm5 mmA-002416
6 mm3 mmA-002419
6 mm1.6 mmA-002011
Small Silver3 mm1.6 mmA-002315
PalladiumStandard Palladium6 mm1.6 mmA-002019
Small Palladium3 mm1.6 mmA-002319
NickelStandard Nickel6 mm1.5 mmA-002016
CopperStandard Copper6 mm1.6 mmA-002017
6 mm3 mmA-012584
IronStandard Iron6 mm1.5 mmA-002018
6 mm3 mmA-012585
Carbon pasteStandard Carbon paste, hole depth 4 mm6 mm3 mmA-002210
Small Carbon paste, hole depth 4 mm3 mm1.6 mmA-002223
Carbon paste oil base 1 gA-001010
Boron-doped diamondDoping level between 500 and 1000 ppm.
The electrode is 500 µm disk attached to a conductive rod in brass. It is polished with an Ra<10 nm.
7 mm3 mmM-BDD-3


Working electrodes maintenance

To refresh the surface of the electrode we recommend to polish the electrode before each measurement.


Catalog No.
PK-3 electrode polishing kit A-011975
0.05 µm polishing alumina (20 mL) A-001050
1 µm polishing diamond (10 mL) A-002054
Glass plate (1 piece) A-002249
Alumina polishing pad (10 pieces)
Diamond polishing pad (10 pieces)
Replacement items
Alumina polishing pad (20 pieces) A-001040
Diamond polishing pad (20 pieces) A-001041
Emery paper UF800 (20 pieces) A-012611
Coarse polishing pad (20 pieces) A-001042


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