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Small volume analytical cells

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Small volume cells for precious electrolytes and small active areas, to be used mostly for analytical electrochemistry

Each voltammetry cell is designed for a specific application (specific working electrode, volume of solution, oxygen free condition, etc.). For example, for voltammetry investigations using standard working electrodes with an outer diameter (OD) of 6 mm, the fixed configuration of SVC-3 kit is recommended. For applications requiring other working electrode shapes, SVC-2 is more suitable.


If only a small amount of the electroactive compound is available, SVC-2 in the microvolume mode is recommended. The SVC-2 is a modular cell. The SVC-3 has a volume of 5 to 20 mL and is used only with 6 mm OD working electrode. The VC-4, for a volume of 1 to 3 mL, is used only with 6 mm OD working electrode. Bulk electrolysis cell has a volume of 100 mL.


Specifications and ordering information


Catalog n° Catalog n° Catalog n° Catalog n°
Products SVC-2 A-012668 SVC-3 A-012669 VC-4 A-011224 Bulk electrolysis cell A-01197
Sample vial/mL 20 (7 pieces) A-001056 20 (7 pieces) A-001056 5 (7 pieces) A-011504 100 (1 piece) A-012632
Counter electrode (CE)/mm 57 A-002222 50 A-002222 57 A-002222 230 A-002234
PTFE cap A-012670 A-012671 A-011226 A-012551
Purge tube (ETFE), 100 mm
Additional items Adapter 10 to 6 mm Cell holder A-011227 Poros carbon electrode A-010530
Lid for CE A-001198
Chamber for CE A-001196
O-ring A-001236
Port plug A-009131
Stirrer bar A-000178



Catalog n° Catalog n° Catalog n° Catalog n°
Sample holder/mm 9.0 (2 pieces) A-012177 6.0 (2 pieces) A-012176
Cell holder For 20 mL A-001209 For 20 mL A-001209
Purge tube (ETFE)/m 1 A-010537 1 A-010537 1 A-010537 1 A-010537


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