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High Temperature Conductivity Cell

Small volume conductivity cell with a nominal constant of 1.0 cm -1. Operating between- 50 °C to 180 °C

A sealed, small volume conductivity cell covering a wide conductivity range

The High Temperature Conductivity cell (HTCC) is a sealed 2- pole conductivity cell with a nominal constant of 1.0 cm-1. It is intended for conductivity range between 2 μS cm-1 and 0.2 S cm-1.

The HTCC consists of two platinum electrodes placed parallel to one another. Two models are available: Platinized and non-platinized cells. Each platinum electrode of the platinized cell is coated with a black platinum layer in order to increase the effective surface area of the electrode. Reduced volume cells for HTCC need as little as 0.5 ml of liquid/gel, reducing the cost of experiments and their environmental impact (less waste). HTCC cells can operate in a temperature range between – 50 °C and 180 °C. They are compatible with Intermediate Temperature Systems (ITS).  These cells can be purchased separately for tests with the MCS10, potentiostats or impedance analysers. The black platinum of the cell can also be re-generated.


  • Cell type: Platinum parallel plates on glass holder
  • Connections: 2-wire (l = 70 cm each)
  • Nominal constant: K = 1 cm-1 +/- 5 %
  • Minimal sample volume: 0.5 mL
  • Temperature range: – 50 °C to + 180 °C
  • Maximum temperature ramp for platinized cell: 1 °C/min (to avoid platinum detachment)

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