Corrosion Cells

Standard corrosion cells

The perfect cell for uniform corrosion studies

The standard corrosion cell is a one-liter cell that can accommodate oversized samples and is specially designed for uniform corrosion experiments.

The standard corrosion cell is available with a single or double jacket glass cell for temperature control. It is provided with two graphite rods to be used as counter electrodes, a calomel reference electrode, a bridge tube, to ensure the minimum distance between the reference and the working electrode, and purge tubes, to maintain a controlled gaseous environment. Two kits are offered: a standard one and a complete one with telescopic cell stand, sample holder and double purge tubes. More details are given in the specifications.

Specifications and ordering information


Catalog No. Basic corrosion cell kit EL-CORR-1 Complete corrosion cell kit EL-CORR-2
Glass cell 1L EL-C-001 X
Double jacketed glass cell 1L EL-C-002 X
PTFE cap EL-C-003 X X
PTFE ring (silicon encapsulated), OD 10.2 cm EL-C-004 X X
Cell Collar with clamp EL-A-005 X X
Double purge tube EL-C-006 X
Graphite counter electrode rod (2 pieces) EL-C-009 X X
Double nut 25 mm and 12 mm diameter EL-C-011 X
Telescopic cell stand EL-C-012 X
Sample holder 1 cm², maximum thickness of sample 10 mm, diameter included between 11.3 mm to 15.4 mm 092-C-016 X
Purge tube EL-C-016 X
Bridge tube for 8 mm diameter reference electrode EL-C-017 X X
Ag/AgCl reference electrode Sat KCl (length: 120 mm – OD: 8 mm – Screw cap) R-XR300 X X
Cable connection for screw cap 10 cm, 2 mm banana plug R-A94L111 X X
12 mm OD conical rings for reference electrode of 8 mm R-X31M012 X X


Bridge tube for 6 mm diameter reference electrode EL-C-008
PT100 probe (indicate connector type) EL-C-014
Magnetic stirrer & heater, without PT100 probe 220 V EL-C-015A
110 V EL-C-015B
Aluminum base holder for magnetic stirrer EL-C-018
Set of 10 porous glass frits diameter 4 mm (CoralPor) + high temperature heat shrink PTFE (20 cm, ID 4.8mm) 092-VYC4
Set of 10 porous glass frits diameter 4 mm (CoralPor) + low temperature heat shrink polyolefin (20 cm, ID 4.8mm) 092-VYC4A
*CoralPor is a porous glass frit like Vycor.


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