Multi purpose cell

FlexCell® PTFE

Ideal for corrosion and gas experiments

A robust, unbreakable cell that is perfect for the most demanding experiments in corrosion or those involving gas.

These cells manufactured by Gaskatel are ideal for corrosion experiments in aggressive media, as well as studies on Gas Diffusion Electrodes (GDE) and membranes. Their unique design and a specific choice of materials allow repeatability and guard against common pitfalls in other cells such as: heterogeneous electric field, variable ohmic drop, crevice corrosion, and cell degradation . When used in combination with the robust HydroFlex® or MiniHydroFlex® hydrogen reference electrode, this is the perfect cell for corrosion, membrane, and GDE studies.

DescriptionCatalog n°
FlexCell® PTFE – Electrochemical Test Cell made of PTFEG-FLEXCELL/PTFE
FlexCell® Analyte Compartment in PTFE for membrane studiesG-COMP/PTFE
DesignationMax. sample size
Max. sample thickness
Active area
Electrolyte volume
Dimensions (w/o screws adapters)
(H x W x D)/mm
FlexCell®3 x 51033075 x 100 x 132
Analyte Compartment3 x 51031275 x 100 x 30
MainPTFE (PolyTetraFluorEthylene)
GasketSilicon ()
O ringsEPDM (EthylenePropyleneDiene Monomer)
Cover platePSU (PolySUlfone)
Gas compartmentsPSU (PolySUlfone)
Counter electrodePt-Ir (Platinum-Iridium)

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