Hydrogen reference electrodes

Hg-free electrodes for demanding experiments

HydroFlex® and MiniHydroFlex® are robust, easy-to-use Reversible Hydrogen Electrodes (RHE) suitable for any application.

These reference electrodes are designed for any application involving electrochemistry. Their PTFE body makes them particularly suitable for the most demanding conditions and operating conditions: protic solvents, corrosive electrolytes, high temperatures…They also provide the advantage of being Hg-free, following RoHS recommendations.


Benefits of Reversible Hydrogen Electrodes (RHE)

  • Mercury free
  • Good for EIS
    • Resistance typically around 1 Ohm, whereas it is between 1 kOhm and 10 kOhm for traditional electrodes
  • No contamination
    • Outlet of inner reference electrolyte (KCl, K2SO4, Hg+, Ag+) into test electrolyte. May contaminate your test liquid or introduce corrosion
  • Wide pH (-2 to 16) and temperature range (-20 to 210 °C)
  • Not sensitive to temperature or pH changes
    • The temperature of RE and WE can differ, as they are in two different liquids (reference electrolyte and test electrolyte).
    • pH effect on potential of working electrode has to be take into account. In the case of potential and pH changes during measurement continuous pH measurement essential
  • No maintenance
    • Reference electrolyte has to be controlled regularly.
  • Not breakable
    • Reference made usually out of glass (risk of breakage)
  • No frit
    • Frit between reference and test electrolyte may fall out, get blocked, change during life time, let test electrolyte into the reference electrolyte.


HydroFlex® and MiniHydroFlex®.


The HydroFlex®, with an electrode shaft diameter OD of 8 mm, is compatible with EL-ELECTRO, EL-CORR, EL-FLAT cells using dedicated bridge tubes (see specification tab).

Both HydroFlex® and MiniHydroFlex® are compatible with Gaskatel voltammetric cells, FlexCell® also provided by BioLogic.


Hydrogen is contained within a cartridge that is easily replaceable. On the left, the HydroFlex®, and on the right, the MiniHydroFlex®.



Description Catalog n°
HydroFlex® Hydrogen Reference Electrode incl. one hydrogen cartridgeG-HYDROFLEX
HydroFlex® Starter Kit G-HYDROFLEX-KIT
MiniHydroFlex® Hydrogen Reference Electrode incl. one hydrogen cellG-MINIHYDROFLEX
HydroFlex® Hydrogen Cartridge (x4)G-HYDROFLEX-CARTRIDGE
MiniHydroFlex® Hydrogen Cell (x2)G-MINIHYDRO-CELL
Bridge tube for use of HydroFlex® with EL-ELECTRO EL-A-017
Bridge tube for use of HydroFlex® with EL-CORR EL-C-017
Bridge tube for use of HydroFlex®with EL-FLAT EL-F-004b
Operating conditions
Cartridge lifetime/months 12 (MiniHydroFlex®), 6 (HydroFlex®)
Temperature/°C -20 to 120 (PTFE body)
pH range -2 to 16
Part Materials
Cap and cartridge PC or PVC
Measuring electrode Pt, Pd
HydroFlex® Starter Kit Content
1 HydroFlex® Hydrogen reference electrode incl. 1 hydrogen cartridge
1 connector lead
1 hydrogen cartridge
1 cartridge wrench
1 operating time wrench

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