Sample Holder

CESH-e (Enhanced Controlled Environment Sample Holder)

An innovative, multi-use sample holder for electrical & electrochemical characterization with high reproducibility

The Enhanced Controlled Environment Sample Holder (CESH-e) is a parallel plate sample holder dedicated to the electrical characterization of flat material samples in the temperature range between -40 to 150 °C.


  • Quick and easy sample mounting/dismounting
  • Compatible with through-plane and In-plane electrical measurements
  • Reliable and highly reproducible mechanical pressure (100 N & 6 N)
  • Modular electrode setup with many interchangeable electrodes
  • Optional kit for sample thickness measurements
  • Variable controlled atmospheres (inert & active gas)
  • Compatible with oxygen and moisture sensitive materials thanks to its gas tightness
  • Compatible with temperature chambers (-40 °C to 150 °C)
  • Guarded and unguarded electrode setup
  • Compatible with powder, pasty, hard, flexible, and compressible materials

The CESH-e is often used in conjunction with the ITS-e Temperature Chamber. For more details, please click here.



  • Electrical Impedance spectroscopy
  • Dielectric constant / dielectric loss
  • In-plane and through-plane electrical measurement



The Enhanced Controlled Environment Sample Holder (CESH-e) is a parallel plate sample holder dedicated to the electrical characterization of flat material samples in the temperature range between -40 to 150 °C. Thanks to its modular electrodes setup, the CESH-e allows Through-plane and In-plane electrical measurements using interchangeable electrodes. For through-plane measurements the CESH-e can be configured in two ways: an unguarded electrode setup for routine measurement and a guarded electrode setup for conductivity measurements in compliance with ASTM D257 standard and accurate dielectric measurements as per the ASTM D-150 standard.


A thickness measurement kit including a micrometer head with a calibrated ratchet is provided as an option to ensure the accurate measurement of the thickness of the sample as per ASTM D374. The CESH-e and thickness measurement kit enables reproducible pressure (100 N or 6 N respectively) and so repeatable contact between the CESH-e electrodes and the sample. The thickness measurement kit allows the CESH-e to apply a nominal and reproducible pressure of 190 kPa with the ¼’’ electrode. It also enables tests on flexible and compressible materials.

The CESH-e can be used either with circular or rectangular sample shapes. It is compatible with gelatinous, pasty, hard, flexible, and compressible materials.




The CESH-e can accommodate various sample diameters (1/4’’ to 30 mm) and thicknesses (0-4 mm).

Three electrodes kits are offered for each measurement type. Each electrode kit of (Through Plane and In-Plane) consists of two electrodes: an upper electrode and a lower electrode.


  • In-plane (IP) electrical measurements:
    • 097-150/IPSD: IP Standard electrode set
    • 097-150/IP100: IP 100 µm interdigitated electrode set
    • 097-150/IP250: IP 250 µm interdigitated electrode set


  • Through-plane (TP) electrical measurements:
    • 097-150/TP06: TP Electrodes set of 1/4″ diameter
    • 097-150/TP12: TP Electrodes set of 1/2″ diameter
    • 097-150/TP20: TP Electrodes set of 20 mm diameter


The CESH-e is equipped with a gas inlet/outlet for material testing in continuous flow mode or in static mode. It is leak-tight up to 2 bar relative.




  • Sample thickness measurement kit
  • Through-plan electrodes with ¼”, ½” and 20mm diameter
  • Standard & Interdigitated electrodes (100µm and 250 µm spacing)
  • PT-1000 Temperature probe
  • MTZ-35 Impedance analyzer
  • BioLogic potentiostat/galvanostat/FRA



  • Operating temperature range – 40 to 150 °C
  • Core material: Anodized aluminum
  • Electrode material: Gold plated copper
  • Dimension D 79 x H 94 mm (121.90 clearance)
  • Sample diameter up to 30 mm
  • Sample thickness up to 4 mm
  • Residual capacitance with 20mm diameter= 8 pF
  • Weight 900 g

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