Corrosion Cells

Flat cells

A cell designed for to study corrosion on flat samples

The flat cell is a double-jacketed 250 mL cell designed to perform standard corrosion experiments on large flat samples of any size with a maximum thickness of 1 cm. The exposed area can be 1 or 10 cm².

This cell has a double jacket for temperature control and three ports for a reference electrode, a purge tube, to control the gaseous environment of the cell, and a temperature probe. It is provided with a platinum mesh counter electrode and a bridge tube for the reference electrode. It is available for exposed sample area of 1 and 10 cm².

Specifications and ordering information


Sample size
  • Min diameter: 30.5 mm (EL-FLAT); 40.5 mm (EL-FLAT-2)
  • Max. thickness: 6 mm


Inner diameters of the ports: 17.6 mm x 1; 8.3 mm x 2


Flat cell 1 cm²
Flat cell 10 cm²
Complete cell for flat sample 1 cm²
Complete cell for flat sample 10 cm²
Bridge tube
Platinum gauze counter electrode
SCE reference electrode

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